The sixth Raate marathon takes place on 24.8.2019, with participants running from the Raate road, scene of one of the Winter War’s most legendary battles, to the town centre of Suomussalmi. The runners will take off at the Raate frontier zone boom at 11.00.

A half-marathon will take place on the same day. It starts at the Portin Majatalo inn and ends in the town centre of Suomussalmi. The half-marathon starts at 12:30 and follows the same route as the marathon.

Therefore it is possible to run 10 km from Suomussalmi historical village to the town center. It starts in Suomussalmi village at 13.00. There will be also a category for under 16 years old runners.

As a new event, the kids are free to run in Raate Marathon! The distance is little bit shorter as for them, it is one mile and start will be located near the competition centre. There is no entry fee in kids´mile and each participant will get the participation medal.

The marathon is being arranged to honour the veterans who fought in the battles along the Raate road and Suomussalmi village to defend Finland’s independence. The route of the marathon passes through many wartime battlegrounds and war memorial sites. The length of the route has been officially verified.

The Suomussalmen Rasti athletic association, the municipality of Suomussalmi and Kainuun Liikunta ry are jointly organising the marathon.

The participation fee also covers transport from Hotel Kiannon Kuohut to the starting lines, a memory medal, “field meal” and spa admission. Every runner is responsible for his/her own insurance cover.

We welcome you to Suomussalmi, come and make running history!

Route Map

Route map opens here

Route profile opens here

Refreshment points

There are refreshment stations located at approximately every 4 to 5 km on the course. Water, sports drink (HIGH5), non carbonated cola (last 2 stations) raisins and pickles are served at the stations.

Venue facilities

There is a transport from the finish area to the marathon start. In the start area there are toilets, and a chance to wait for the race start indoors. In the Spa Kiannon Kuohut there are changing facilities, and after the race runners can relax in the spa. Personal belongings will be transported to the finish by the organizers.

Distances and competition categories

Marathon 42,2 km, start at 11.00 am
Half marathon 21,1 km, start at 12.30
10 km, start at 13:00

Kids´mile at 13:15

Categories M/W: general, 40, 50 and 60
10 km: M/W and under 16 years old


Top runners on each category will be awarded following:

if 1-4 participants – the winner

if 5-10 participants – two best

if over 10 participants – three best


Entry fees 

10km 21,1km 42,2km
until 31.1.2019 25 € 30 € 30 €
1.2.-30.4.2019 30 € 40 € 40 €
1.5.-11.8.2019 30 € 50 € 50 €
12.-21.8.2019 30 € 60 € 60 €
late entry 24.8. 40 € 70 € 70 €

The entry fee includes participation, transport (Ämmänsaari-Raate), medal, meal in the finish and spa ticket.
Raatteen Maraton technical t-shirt can be bought upon signing up for 20 €. T-shirts can be bought online until 9.8.2018.

Attention: Online registration is open until 22.8. and late entry is possible only on 25.8. in the competition office.

Competition office

The race office is located at the Spa Kiannon Kuohut, in the address Jalonkatu 1. The office is open on race day from 8.00 to 13.00.

Transport to the start

The transport to the start (Ämmänsaari-Raate) leaves at 9:45 for marathon runners.


Spa Hotel Kiannon Kuohut:

90€/person /single room
110€/ 2 person/ double room
Includes breakfast, gym and spa.

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