The Raate Marathon course runs on the famous raate road. Starting point takes place at the Raate road border boom where runners are transported by bus. The Marathon route is home to a number of war battlefields and monuments.

Half marathon and 10km run starts and finish at the front of spa Kiannon Kuohu. Routes run from the center of Suomussalmi along the coastal route towards Suomusussalmi town. 10 km course turning point is before Haukiperä junction. The half marathon trail goes from the Liekkipatsa to a couple of kilometers of the Kuhmontie road to the turning point, which will return to the same route

Refreshments stations
There are refreshment stations located at approximately every 4 to 5 km on the course. Water, sports drink (HIGH5), raisins and pickles are served at the stations.

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