Raatteen Maraton 13.8.2022

The Raatteen Maraton is run on the Raate road, known from the legendary Winter War battles, from the border zone to Suomussalmi municipal center. The historic marathon route includes several Winter War battlefields and monuments. The purpose of the Raatteen Maraton is to honor the generation of veterans who fought for independent Finland in the battles of Raatteen Road and to cherish the history of Raatteen Road. In addition to the Raatteen Maraton, you can choose 21,1 km or 10 km as running trips.

Welcome to perhaps Finland’s most emotional marathon route!

The 24th Raate March will be held on Saturday, May 28, 2022!

Raatteen March is an event for the whole family. The march is 18 km long on a low-traffic gravel road, and there are service points along the route. The march can be performed by running, jogging, walking or cycling!

Read more and register (only in Finnish) here.

Download the event brochure (only in Finnish) here.

The main organizers of the event are the Suomussalmi Rasti’s Triathlon Division and the Municipality of Suomussalmi.

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