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The Raate Marathon is run on the Raate road, known from the legendary Winter War battles, from the border zone to Suomussalmi municipal center. The historic marathon route includes several Winter War battlefields and monuments. The purpose of the Raate Marathon is to honor the generation of veterans who fought for independent Finland in the battles of Raate Road and to cherish the history of Raate Road. Suomussalmen Rasti, Suomussalmi Municipality and Kainuun Liikunta ry are responsible for organising the event.

The 25th Raate march will take place on Saturday, August 12, 2023, the same day as the Raate marathon.
The main organizers of the event are Suomussalmi Rasti triathlon division and Suomussalmi municipality.

The march is meant to be an event for the whole family. By organizing the march, we want to honor the work and sacrifices of veterans to preserve our country’s independence. This is also how we want to cherish and preserve the legacy of veterans. The purpose of the march is not to idealize war, but to tell about its insanity. The length of the march is 18 km on the Raate road, on a low-traffic gravel road, and there are service points along the route. The march can be completed by running, jogging, walking or cycling.

Gathering at Raatteen Portti, from where transport at 10:30 (also bikes) to the Guard Museum. The march leaves from the yard of the Guard Museum at 11 a.m. and ends at Raatteen Portti. Registration by August 6 is 28 euros or on the morning of the march 40 euros.

For more info about Raate march: https://www.suomussalmi.fi/fi/raatteen-marssi/marssi-info/

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Distances and competition categories

Marathon 42,2 km, start at 11.00 am
Half marathon 21,1 km, start at 12.30
10 km, start at 13:00
Kids one mile long Hippo marathon at 11.00 am

Categories Men, women, M/W 40, 50 and 60
10 km: Men, women and under 16 years old

The top three from each category will be rewarded (except for the children’s mile). A memorial award for each participant in the children’s mile.

Refreshment points

There are refreshment stations located at approximately every 4 to 5 km on the course. Water, sports drink, non carbonated cola (last 2 stations) and raisins and are served at the stations.

Venue facilities

There is a transport from the finish area to the marathon start. In the start area there are toilets, and a chance to wait for the race start indoors. In the Spa Kiannon Kuohut there are changing facilities, and after the race runners can relax in the spa. Personal belongings will be transported to the finish by the organizers.

Payment methods

When registering online, you can choose the most common online banks and credit cards.

– Note! If you want to pay with exercise vouchers, E-passport, Smartum Saldo prepayment or Eazybreak, send your participation information by e-mail: tapahtumat@kainuunliikunta.fi. Instructions for registering here. (Only in Finnish)

Only cash is accepted on site at the race office.

Competition office

The race office is located at the Spa Kiannon Kuohut (Jalonkatu 1, 89600 Suomussalmi). The office is open on staturday 12.8.2022 from 8.00 to 13.00.
The competition director Ismo Juntunen +358 440809010.

Transport to the start

Event Transport Start time Series
Marathon am 9.45 am 11.00 Men, women, M/W 40, 50 and 60
Half marathon am 11.30 pm 12.30 Men, women, M/W 40, 50 and 60
10 km pm 13.00 Men, women and under 16 years old
Kids´mile am 11.00 under 16-years old

The transport to the start (Ämmänsaari-Raate road border barrier) leaves at 9:45 for marathon runners.

– The start and finish of the 10 km and kid’s mile are in the spa yard, so transportation is not required.
– The top three from each series will be rewarded (except the children’s mile all participants will be rewarded).
– Memory prize for each participant.

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Ismo Juntunen
tel: +358 440809010
email: juntunenismo@gmail.com