The Raate Marathon route runs on the famous Raate road. Starting point takes place at the Raate road  border barrier where runners are transported by bus. The Raate Marathon route is home to a number of war battlefields and monuments.

The Raate Marathon route from the Raate road border barrier to the center of Ämmänsaari (19 km of gravel road, continues on asphalt and at the end 3 km of gravel paved paths; 34 km of public road, 8 km of light traffic routes).

Halfmarathon starts at the guesthouse Karhun Pesä (former Portin Majatalo) and follows the same route as the Raate Maraton and ends with a common finish at the center of Ämmänsaari.

The start and finish of 10 km are in front of the spa Kiannon Kuohut. The route goes through Suomussalmi from the city center along the shore towards Suomussalmi center. The 10 km turning point is before the crossroad of Haukiperä, returning the same route. The trail is for the most part along the shore that is, it is very nice to run with strollers or take the dog with you.

The kids´mile start and finish are in front of the spa Kiannon Kuohut. The route circulates in Jätkänpuisto and in harbor area. The surface is almost entirely on the gravel surface in the harbor area. Children’s mile is for children under 16 years.

In addition to the racing sets, a jogging set in which you can participate even with prams or take your dog with you.

Refreshments stations
There are refreshment stations located at approximately every 4 to 5 km on the course. Water, sports drink and raisins are served at the stations.

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